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Easter Charcuterie Board

Any excuse to make a fun snack board is always approved by my family! It’s so fun to plan out some savory options along with the sweet. Easter candy is so pretty with pastel colors that make a board so cute!


Easter Charcuterie Board

Serves 5

Baby carrots

Red grapes

Pepperoni slices

Mozzarella cheese slices

Gluten free crackers (we love Lance's)


Cadbury mini eggs

Jelly beans

Peanut M&M's

Ranch Dip (recipe here) or use Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Mix and sour cream

Peanut Butter Cream (recipe here)

Make the ranch dip for dipping the carrots. Make the peanut butter cream to dip the grapes in. Place the dip and cream in small ramekins and place on the board. If you have Easter cookie cutters, use those to hold some of the candy. Arrange all the ingredients on the board to your liking. Dig in!


Step-by-step tutorial:

To make the peanut butter cream, add 2 cups heavy cream to a mixing bowl. Add 1/2 cup powdered sugar and 2 tablespoons pudding mix. Whisk until it starts to become thick, then add 1/2 cup peanut butter.

This makes more than you'll need for the board, so save some to top jello or cake!

Mix 1 tablespoon ranch seasoning mix with 1/2 cup sour cream for the dip for carrots. Place in a small ramekin. Place the dips on the board, then starts to arrange the candy in Easter cookie cutters.

Add the carrots by the ranch dip and the grapes by the peanut butter cream.

Lay out the pepperoni slices, cheese slices (I cut each mozzarella slice into fourths), and crackers.

Fill in any gaps with peeps and more candy.

My family's faces all light up when they see a finished product ready to be eaten. There is something about eating lots of little things that are arranged so cute.

The great thing about charcuterie boards is the versatility. I post these just to get your brain juices flowing and give you ideas. You can come up with your own creations! Easter just got a little sweeter! Enjoy!

Recipe Source: Shanna's recipe box


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