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Kid Friendly Charcuterie Board

Have you jumped on the charcuterie board train yet? Basically, it's a fancy way to put out a bunch of meats and cheeses to munch on. A good friend of mine got me a fancy board for my birthday that I love, so we've been having fun using it. This would be a great way to serve food at a party, and I look forward to using it for that one day. This year, however, a party was not an option. So instead, for New Year's Eve, we made a kid friendly board with all the foods my youngest son likes. Since it was just three of us together that night, it was dinner!

There is no specific recipe or way to do this. I wanted to post to get your creative juices flowing and maybe introduce a fun way to serve your kiddos. We loved it, and the entire board was devoured!

For me, even more fun than eating this delicious grouping of foods was putting it together. We included three types of cheeses (smoked cheddar, mozzarella, and gruyere), thick ham slices (leftover from Christmas!), pepperoni, crackers, carrots, olives, sweet peppers, ranch dip, peanut butter filled pretzels, orange segments, strawberries, and peanuts! It was like a big fancy Lunchable (but gluten free) as we tried all the meats and cheeses in different combinations.

You definitely do not need a fancy board to make these! You can use any cutting board or flat pan or tray along with some ramekins. The goal is to cover every inch of the board with food. Looking to the future, I'm thinking about a dessert board! Or different boards for different a Valentines board! Whatever gets the kids excited to eat a bunch of finger foods. The possibilities are endless.

Happy boarding!


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