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Product Review: Mrs. Hewitt's Bakers Box

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I love any company that specializes in making good gluten free baked goods, and found out about Mrs. Hewitt's on Instagram. They are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is where I am from, so I wanted to give them a try. I ordered the Bakers Box which consists of the following items:

Homestyle White Bread loaf

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites

Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites

Double Chocolate Mint Cookie Bites

Tuxedo Cookie Bites

Pancake and Waffle Mix

Chocolate Brownie Mix

So many yummy things to try! The best test? Give them to all my kiddos, gluten free or not, and see what they think!

First of all, they're packing and shipping was very impressive. Everything came cool in an insulated packing box. They were in perfect shape.....nothing jostled and broken. Everything seemed fresh.

Let's start with the Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites. They were the first to vanish! My kids loved these. They are soft, pack a great chocolate taste, and are the perfect bite size. The powdered sugar on top make them a little fancy. We give these a huge thumbs up!

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites were my favorite. They have a better consistency than any other purchased chocolate chip cookie we've come across. They have a great brown sugar flavor and are soft and chewy. No grit detected at all. They also have the perfect amount of chocolate chunks. Well done Mrs. Hewitts!

The Double Chocolate Mint Cookie Bites were fantastic. Of the cookies, these were by GF kids favorite. The soft chocolate cookie has a great chewy texture, aren't crumbly, and are infused with just the perfect amount of mint. Great balance of flavors!

The Tuxedo Bites are a combination of a soft chocolate cookie with white chocolate chunks. Also a great texture. We aren't the biggest white chocolate fans, but those who are will love these. Like the Chocolate Chip cookie, they have the perfect amount of chunks and are chewy and delicious.

The Homestyle White Bread is really like it says, "just like mom used to make, but without the gluten". It smells wonderful, like a good homemade bread. The loaf itself is 2 pounds and is quite heavy. The bread is not the lightest, but has fantastic flavor. It's one of the few breads I would eat straight out of the bag. It toasts well and has been used for grilled sandwiches, toast, and croutons at our house this week. I've been keeping it in the refrigerator because I'm worried it may go bad soon, but so far so good. My GF kids still won't eat the crusts, but they are that way with any bread.

The Chocolate Brownie Mix was seriously the best gluten free brownie mix we've had! We love the Great Value Brownie Mix from Walmart, and thought it would be hard to compete with that, but these are even better. They are cake-like brownies, so they cut and serve well, have huge chocolate chunks melted in them, and have the perfect consistency. My daughter, who DOES NOT have celiac disease, took her first bite and said, "These are gluten free? I never would have guessed!" We will be ordering more of this mix for sure!

The Pancake and Waffle Mix was amazing. We only made pancakes with it, so I'll need to try waffles next time, but they cooked up golden, poured easily, and tasted fantastic. Once again, no obvious characteristics to make you think they are gluten free. They are just as good as any pancake mix with gluten!

The flour blend Mrs. Hewitt's uses does contain almonds, so if you have a nut allergy, you'll need to try a different company. We loved everything we tried, and were so happy with the quality, and most of all, TASTE of their products. We will be ordering more for sure! You will definitely want to check them out and give them a try!

Here is their website: Mrs. Hewitt's Gourmet Gluten Free


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