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Product Review - Mom's Place Crescent Rolls

I found out about this mix from a friend on Instagram, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm always up for a chance at making a good roll.

This mix came with two yeast packets along with the flour mix. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. One thing that I learned from making these the first time was that after you add their entire flour mix, your dough will still be quite sticky and not able to form a ball. It's the additional 1/4 cup flour on your rolling surface and 1/4 cup flour on the dough ball that gets it to a point of coming together and being able to roll. I did not have the Mom's flour it asked for, but used a Cup4Cup all purpose flour blend and it worked great. It rolls into quite a large circle and is pretty thick (compared to other homemade rolls I've made). I did spread softened butter (about 4 tablespoons) on the entire circle before cutting and rolling. This definitely gives it a good butter flavor throughout the roll. The yeast makes it taste and smell like homemade bread.

My gluten free kids loved them, especially warm and smothered in jam. I didn't get the rise I was hoping for, but they did rise some. I think next time I will also brush some butter on the tops of the rolls before baking. The dough was easy to work with which is always a plus! I could see using this dough for cinnamon or orange rolls too.

Overall, I am very happy with this mix and will be ordering more in the future. They passed the taste test with my kiddos, and they passed the preparation and baking test with me. I would encourage you to give these a try if you've been missing crescent rolls! You can find them on Amazon here:

You can also visit their website directly at:

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