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Pad Thai

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Thai food is a big favorite at our house. Many birthday dinners are spent at Thai restaurants. We have a favorite local spot that makes the best Pad Thai. The owner/chef is from Thailand, so it's authentic and just amazing. We've tried many recipes, and this one is the closest we've found to being just as delicious. If you haven't tried Pad Thai before, give this a test! Your family is likely to discover a new favorite dish!


Pad Thai

Serves 6

16 oz. rice noodles

1/3 cup gluten free soy sauce

1-2 tablespoons sriracha, depending on how spicy you like it

1/4 cup lime juice

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1/4 cup brown sugar 4 green onions, sliced

2 cups cooked shredded chicken 4 eggs 1 cup chopped peanuts 1/2 cup cilantro

1 cup fresh bean sprouts, optional

Prepare noodles according to package instructions. In a small glass measuring cup, whisk together the soy sauce, sriracha, lime juice, oil, and brown sugar; set aside. In a large skillet, heat a tablespoon of olive oil. Add the green onions and saute until starting to brown and fragrant. Add the shredded chicken and cook until warm. Push to the side of the skillet. Whisk the eggs and pour into the skillet. Cook the eggs on the opposite side of the pan until done. Add the cooked noodles and pour the sauce over all and toss to coat and heat through. Serve topped with peanuts, cilantro, and bean sprouts.


Step-by-step tutorial:

Gather your ingredients. You will need 16 oz. rice noodles, 2 cups shredded chicken, green onions, 4 eggs, soy sauce, lime juice, sriracha sauce, brown sugar, vegetable oil, peanuts, cilantro, and bean sprouts. We love bean sprouts, but at the time of making this, there were no fresh bean sprouts to be found.

Cook your rice noodles according to package directions. Many have you soak them in water brought to a boil, then rinse with cold water. Drain and set aside.

In a small glass measuring cup, whisk together 1/3 cup soy sauce, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup vegetable oil, 1-2 tablespoons sriracha sauce, and 1/4 cup lime juice. Whisk until combined and set aside.

Get everything ready for cooking the Pad Thai; chop the onions, shred the chicken, and whisk the eggs.

In a large skillet, heat some olive oil over medium heat. Saute until starting to brown and fragrant.

Add the chicken and stir until warmed.

Move the chicken and onions to one side of the skillet, and pour the whisked eggs on the other side.

Stir and cook the scrambled eggs with a spatula, keeping them separate from the chicken.

Add the cooked and drained rice noodles.

Pour the sauce mixture over all.

Toss everything to coat and heat through.

Serve topped with chopped peanuts, cilantro, and beansprouts. Add an additional squeeze of lime juice if you like! The sauce is what makes this Pad Thai so incredible.

I hope you'll give it a try!

Recipe Source: Shanna's recipe box


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