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About Me

Hello! I'm a mom of four kids and live in Virginia. Two of my kids have celiac disease, so I've been cooking gluten free for 13 years now! It was very overwhelming when my oldest daughter was diagnosed back in 2007, but it has been a fulfilling journey ever since. I know there are a lot of gluten free blogs out there, but I wanted to create one devoted to food specifically for kids.


Through the years, I've had many friends come to me when they or someone close to them have started down the gluten free path. I used to send them an email detailing our favorite brands, what breads, pastas, pizza, etc. are most enjoyed by my kids, as well as some of our best recipes to get them started. I am hoping to help others who may be new to gluten free eating or just want to have some fresh ideas.


Cooking and baking have always been a passion of mine, so when my daughter was diagnosed, my mom told me "you're just the mom to make the best of this". Moms know just what to say!! It has definitely become second nature to me, and I've found ways to help my kids enjoy food just as much as they would if they could have gluten. The trick..... make it so delicious that my whole family enjoys it! Let's get started!

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